What Should Be Done When The Pressure Gauge Fails?

- Oct 18, 2017-

In order to make it easier to travel and enjoy the convenience of travel, we have to pay attention to some knowledge about tire pressure gauges

The central part of the pressure gauge is the joint and spring tube movement. The instrument working principle is through deformation of the spring tube, the movement (fan gear and gear drives the pointer in the central task) scale version of the display on the measured medium pressure, pressure gauge welding lead zinc silver welding, welding, argon arc welding, special welding and so on, the instrument clarinet task is 100 thousand times normal.

At present, a pressure gauge in the use process will appear the following problems

1. instrument pointer because the measured medium instantaneous pulse increases, the pointer to the end of the file.

2. instrument pointer, after the pipeline or equipment pressure relief will not zero.

3. in addition, the instrument fan tooth will be worn again for a period of time.

Two, the pressure gauge problems processing methods

1. the movement of the instrument is the heart of the pressure gauge, more than 80% of the instrument damage is due to the destruction of the machine, resulting in instrument can not be used, through the existing machine with limit pin separation, to deal with the instrument jump problem.

The problem of non return to zero of instrument with 2. isolation plates.

3. off the fan tooth widening, processing instrument contact surface, wear resistance to extend the service life of the function

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