Use And Maintenance Of Air Tool

- Nov 29, 2017-

Air Tool is a machine driven by compressed air. The process of compressed air generates power. The machine drives the machine mounted head and drill bit by means of power. Here is a look at the daily use and maintenance of the Air Tools.

1. The gas source of the Air Tool should be dry and clean, and the pressure is stable.

2. the selection of  Air Tools has very high requirements, so the selection should be reasonable, the requirements for the position of the work, the requirements of the working environment, and the technical requirements.

3. the daily maintenance of Air Tools. The daily maintenance of Air Tools is very important. Before dropping a few drops of lubricating oil at the intake of  Air Tools before use, it will run for 2-3 seconds to lubricate the internal parts of the machine.

Let's look at the safe use of the Air Tools.

1. During the use of the Air Tool, when the drill, the cutter, the screw head and the grinding wheel are replaced, it is necessary to break the gas path and stop the work.

2. When installing a bit, a tool, a screw head, and a wheel, it is necessary to ensure that the installation is reliable.

3. when working, do not touch the part of the rotary impact. Take protective products. Women's hair needs to be set up.

4. the vent of the tool do not face the people around, and do not face to yourself. 5 work, if the debris, or sand dust fly up, with protective glasses mask and other protective supplies. 6, when working, there will be noise and earplug.