Tire Pressure Gauge Structure

- Jul 17, 2017-

The length of main spring is 60-90mm, medium diameter φ7-12mm, pitch 2. 7-3. 0mm, steel wire diameter φ0. 6-1. 5mm, the angle between the center line of the air pressure metering port and the axis of the surface is 90°-180°, the ruler is the square body, and the scale value is 0. 07wpa-0. 4WPA, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, small range, high precision and convenient use, and is suitable for tire pressure measurement of small vehicles such as miniature cars and motorcycles.

The tire pressure gauge is used to measure the end notch of the tire barometer and the tire valve nozzle, when the tire barometer is deflected, the indication value is the inflated pressure of the tire, or the gauge of the tire barometer is released under the pressure, and the value shown on the benchmark is the inflated pressure of the tire.