How To Make Tires Longer Life?

- Sep 18, 2017-

1. Keep correct tire pressure.

Generally, the correct tire pressure standard is attached to the inside of the left door. Please keep the tire pressure normal according to the manufacturer's suggestion. Special notice is that the standard tire pressure of the factory is measured in the "cold" condition of the tire.

2, do not exceed the speed limit, avoid rapid acceleration and emergency braking, avoid rapid bend or through vertical drop larger obstacles.

3. Keep the car in normal condition and correct the four wheel alignment.

4, the proposed owner every 8000 or 10000 kilometers swap four tires position, so that four tires wear evenly.

In these circumstances, you must change the tire

1, tire wear to wear limit mark (ie tread tread depth is less than 1.6 mm).

2, the tire damage, the emergence of tread cracks, tire drum bag, tread rubber missing, uneven wear, corrosion by chemicals, tires and other foreign objects were caught in the case.

3, tire aging, tire aging speed and environment, the use of closely related, generally 3-5 years of normal use, if the tire has been used for 5 years or longer, at least require professionals to check once a year.