Discussion On The Importance Of Wheel Gasket

- Jul 17, 2017-

In addition to adding the vehicle gasket can increase the aesthetic, its important purpose is to increase the track on the basis of the original track, making the vehicle in the dynamic process of the bending more stable, of course, the car in the cornering stability will also be affected by the shock, tires, anti-tilt rod and other components of the impact, but in these factors unchanged, only from the track point of view, the wider the distance, transverse weight transfer lower, the degree of stability also increased.

We cannot, of course, simply and crudely conclude the thicker the use of the vehicle gasket over the bending stability increase, the use of the car does not match the thickness of the wheel gasket effect, not to mention the aerodynamic principle, affect the driving performance of vehicles, so if you want to add gaskets for your car, please go to a professional car modification shop to consult.