Correct Understanding Of Car Tire Pressure

- Jul 17, 2017-

1. If the tire pressure is not enough: the General sedan speed is very fast, the shape of the tire in a high-frequency alternating state, if the pressure is not enough deformation will be increased, tread on both sides of the tire tread will be excessive wear, the body can not withstand the pressure of the ground to distort deformation, resulting in high temperature and accelerated tire wear, resulting in a blow-out.

2. If the tire pressure is too large: if the pressure is too large will make the tires to lose their due flexibility and shock absorption ability, not only the grip, the central tread excessive wear will produce uneven tread depth phenomenon, tires at high speed operation may be unable to withstand excessive swelling pressure and the occurrence of a blow-out.

Therefore, tire pressure is too high or too low to have a blow-out risk, not negligible pressure problem. The standard pressure of the tyre shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, including the spare tire pressure. The tire pressure measurement can be measured by the tire pressure gauge, but it must be measured in the condition of the tire at room temperature, because the result is inaccurate in the condition of the heat tyre.