Common Methods Of Using Tyre Repairing Machine

- Sep 18, 2017-

Tire repair equipment common methods, today we have to say more mainstream and practical.

Tire repair liquid

1, tire repair liquid, which is a new tyre, accurate as emergency measures, most of the models are equipped with a spare tire, the tire problems can be used when the spare tire is replaced, there are some models equipped with a similar liquid equipment.

Tire repair liquid as the daily driving often spare parts, has been more and more owners to accept, but because of its chemical composition, so when the usual carry, to Caution!  At the same time, we mentioned a lot of attention, the most important thing is that this tire repair equipment is not a permanent repair plan, must be the first time to find the nearest repair shop. In the end use of air trapping liquid, if the tire pressure table, the best in travel 2 to 3 kilometers, first check the tire pressure, tire pressure recovery has been confirmed, and then continue to travel.

2, tire cold patching repair

Cold patch repair is now the most common application of the technology, basically replace the rubber strip, hot and mushroom nail reinforcing method, but its operation is needed to remove the tire, it has certain requirements for the equipment, and in some remote areas, some small repair shop because there is no tyre equipment, so it is with tape compensation method.

3, repair and repair of nail mushrooms

These two methods are less common, as we said earlier, and have been replaced by cold patches,  we can still understand.

4, the choice of gas tires

In fact, in addition to the tire repair equipment passive tire, as the owner can also carry out active defense, such as lack of gas tires, which can be embedded in the tire to safety after traveling to the repair shop.