Check The Tire Problem

- Nov 29, 2017-

Symptoms: the tire has no air

Diagnosis: repair of tire damage needs to be repaired

Most of them are on the tread, the largest is 6mm, and most of the pierced or nail pierced holes or cuts can be repaired by the tire professionals according to the industry approved procedures.

Directly in the plug repair method of wheel, hole is not stable, and more dangerous, tire puncture, to check the inside of it.


The canonical radial tire repair is a mushroom nailed patch, which includes rubber patch on the inside of the tire and the rubber filled with holes.

The perforation of the tread is more than 1/4 feet, or the perforation of the side of the fetus can be repaired.

When replacing the damaged tires with a spare tire, it is necessary to first confirm the air pressure, speed, and mileage limit on the side of the tire. Vehicles are tested by professionals.

Diagnosis: insufficient aeration

Increase the tread wear on both sides of the tire and shorten the life of the tire.

Produce a large amount of heat; reduce the durability of the tire; may cause a tire failure.

Reducing fuel economy by increasing rolling resistance


Inflate the tire until the proper pressure is reached (pressure pressure, measured by a barometer).

Understand the proper pressure of the tire, check the owner's manual or check the recommended tire pressure on the door label.