Car Tire Pressure Gauge Buying Skills

- Jul 17, 2017-

1. Choose easy to carry. The tire pressure gauge should choose to carry easily, so put in the car does not occupy the place, good to take good put.

2. Select the scale carefully. Some low-quality tire gauges scale than rough, and not on the number, should choose the scale more fine, so the measurement of the tire pressure will be more accurate.

3. Select a number of values of the fetal pressure gauges general pressure gauges are thousand kpa (kpa), PSI, bar and other values, you can choose to compare the commonly used measurement.

4. Optimistic about the way in the gas. Tire pressure gauge is required to access the tyre valve to work, but some of the tire pressure gauges need to screw up and tire ventilation, screw screws need to spend time, not too convenient, but also leak; some tire gauges can be measured directly on the tire nozzle, it is recommended to buy such a more convenient.