Application Of Tyre Inflator And Matters Needing Attention In Use

- Nov 09, 2017-

Application of Tire Inflator

Use effect

It is accurate, simple and quick

Improve service quality

Improve brand image

Prolong tire life

Reduce wear of tire and suspension system

To improve vehicle safety (correct tire pressure)

And improve the ride comfort (correct tire pressure)

The reduction in fuel consumption

To reduce exhaust emissions


What should we pay attention to when inflating the car tire?

1, inflatable should pay attention to safety. Always use air pressure gauge to check the air pressure, prevent too much inflation, so that the tire explosion.

2, after stopping running, to heat the tyres after inflation, because traffic will increase when the tire temperature, the pressure effect.

3. Check the valve mouth. If the valve and valve core are not smooth, there are protruding concave phenomenon and other defects, it is inconvenient to inflate and measure the air pressure.

4, inflatable should pay attention to clean. The filled air can not contain water and oil, so as to prevent the deterioration of the rubber in the inner tube.

5, inflatable should not exceed the standard after more than the gas, nor can not be inflated due to long-term outside can not inflate too much. If the standard is too much, the cord will be stretched too much, and the strength will be reduced, which will affect the life of the tire.

6, before the air should be dust valve mouth clean, do not loosen the valve core, the valve on the water filling with soap after completion, check whether the leak (leak if it will produce a small bubble), and the valve cap with impaction, prevent the sediment into the valve inside the mouth.

7, radial tires inflated, due to its structure, the subsidence, ground area were larger, often mistaken for inflated and excessive inflation; or on the other hand, because of the subsidence and the ground area was larger in low pressure also has plenty of mistaken. The standard barometer is used to measure. The use of radial tire pressure should be higher than the general tire 0.5 ~ 1.5kg/ square centimeter