The importance of wheel balancer

- Nov 09, 2017-

The most important thing is driving safely, and the balance of the car is also an important factor. Today we have to understand the importance of the wheel balancer

According to the mechanical movement of the truth, all reached a high speed of the wheel, because of uneven materials within the organization, size error and shape error of the parts, structure causes assembly dimension, the principal inertia axis and the rotating axis through the center of gravity of the wheels is not coincide, the centrifugal force generated by the unbalance of the rotation of the wheels in particular, high-speed operation of the car wheels, a dozen times per second rotation above, even with minimal eccentricity will cause a lot of unbalanced force, continuous vibration causes the wheel, especially vibration direction wheel will lead to steering wheel shake, will accelerate the wear of suspension and steering system components, the accelerated wear of wheel in the bearing, automobile vibration is also very difficult to drive, traffic safety.

It is very important to ensure the balance of wheels. It not only helps to prolong the service life of wheels and the normal performance of vehicles, but also helps the life safety of drivers. Unbalance will lead to irregular wear of the wheel and unnecessary wear of the suspension system, and uneven wheel driving on the road will also cause vehicle bumps, resulting in driving fatigue. The wheel should be balanced when it is first installed on the rim, and if it is repaired again, the balance should be renewed