Identification of the quality of luggage racks

- Jul 17, 2017-

The price difference of luggage rack is very big, this is because of the disparity of material, the first part of the main support is aluminum alloy and high-strength plastic two materials, aluminum alloy material has high strength, the advantages of light weight, so the most widely used, but the aluminum alloy contains different trace elements, then the strength and hardness of the material produced is not the same, high-strength plastic materials more easily aging, because the plastic easy expansion and contraction, assembly precision is poor, material is the core of quality.

There are two methods of identification: one is to see whether the surface gloss is consistent, whether it is uniform, there is no bump and crack, the second is to see whether its mechanical structure is reasonable, it depends on the thickness of the material, see if the connection is close, the luggage rack installed, from the deformation and other aspects to judge the rationality of its mechanical structure.