How to install the roof luggage box

- Jul 17, 2017-

Installing the car top is a very simple thing, according to our experience in installing the car top and customer feedback, remind you again during the installation process to be aware of the following:

1. Read carefully the description of the vehicle in the description of the loading, many models in the manual on how to achieve the roof loading plan and installation location and bearing weight are clearly accounted for, find out to carefully look over, perhaps you can also find the relevant explanation.

2. The car top to be installed in the middle of the roof of the car, to ensure that the load weight can be evenly balanced division to two of the bar, so that the force evenly, the roof as the base frame, to bear the vehicle top and storage of all the weight of goods, for safety is critical, so be sure to choose the brand of the car roof.

3. The installation location of the car top should not be too lean or too forward: to ensure that the rear door of the vehicle is fully open or the hood is lifted up completely, it will not be top.

4. The vehicle top should be parallel to the road surface to ensure maximum wind resistance and wind noise during driving.

5. Every trip interval must be checked to check the car top and the car top the goods are firmly fixed.