Can can keep gas for a long time?

- Jul 17, 2017-

According to the type of oil, storage environment will affect the storage time of gasoline, avoid the air will be bad. Of course, if it is ethanol gasoline usually one weeks will deteriorate to unqualified products, HD gasoline can adhere to three months, the specific combination of sealing conditions, ethanol gasoline hydrophilic strong, afraid of water, adsorption of enough water vapor will appear milky layer, it can not be used, HD gasoline is not afraid of water, but will oxidize, resulting in She reduction, also has a shelf life, generally stored about 5-6 months.

Gasoline, diesel and other fuels have the characteristics of the expansion and contraction, gasoline, diesel is usually installed in the sealed oil drums transport or storage, in order to prevent the temperature rise in volume swelling, causing danger, so in the oil drums to fill the oil, can not be packed full, but to leave some space.